Festival Acadiens

Festival Acadiens 2010

A hot, dry one. But we still had a nice time.

(Funny how my interests change over the years. Usually I'd be #1 at the festival ALL weekend & #2 in front of the stage dancing or visiting friends but instead I wanted to be at the cooking demo tent as much as possible which ended up being a total of 30 minutes because we were only there for a few hours anyway. How's that for a run-on sentence? Notice Gracie is still wearing her "ballet". We made her wear a tutu, to cover up her bum, which she constantly tried to take off.)


andrea said…
Love it!

My question for you is how on earth do you manipulate your photo on your header like that? I can't even get mine to fit at all. They just come out gigantic so that you can only see about an inch of the whole photo. Can you help me blog guru Lauren?

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