Having a 2 year old while homeschooling older ones has been a little of a challenge compared to last year. Mainly because I feel guilty sitting her in front of Barney. She will sit at the table and color while we do table work (not quietly) and sometimes she'll read books. I took down some toys from the attic this weekend (a doll house & other wooden toys that I kept from when the twins' were little) and that occupied her today. One great thing about co-oping is that I can spend quality one-on-one time with her when they are gone. I've discovered that she's great at puzzles, matching and drawing circles. Oh, she's so much fun! I just love this age, minus the temper tantrums. Recently she's been wearing her "ballet" everyday, which consists of one of Ruth's old leotards. She has a ballet bag like Ruth's with her tutu and slippers in it. She had a hard time today understanding that she had to wear a jacket and leggings, but we managed to let her "ballet" show. I was hoping to hold her off from beginning ballet for another 2 years, but if this new passion lasts I don't think I'll be able.


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