What I am Learning

I am learning that I am not a Super Mom. I am learning that I cannot compare myself or my children to other people. I am learning that I am unique and loved uniquely. I am learning that deep breathes and compassion help me to understand my kids. I am learning that I need to let go. That I need to breathe. Laugh. Love. Live. I am reminded that I am loved by a God who never lets me go. Who remains close during the hard and good times. I am learning that hard times draw me closer to my God and make me utterly dependent and grateful for Him. I am realizing that hard times refine my character and create beauty from ashes. I am learning that having a clean house, well-behaved children and gourmet dinners are not what's important. I am learning that what is important is daily abiding in God, leading my children into that relationship with Him, loving my husband, laughing with my kids, helping my friends and family...Letting go of what I think brings peace and happiness and letting God have control of my life and my heart. That's what I am learning right now.


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