Meeting More People

We have been out and about lately but still keeping to our school schedule. My goal is to meet more homeschool families and we are doing just that. The kids joined a wonderful reading and writing workshop held at the library for homeschoolers (which they absolutely love); today we attended a park play date with the Magnolia group where they met a couple of great kids their age; last night I went to the FAITH Fellowship quarterly meeting where I met tons of Moms and learned about sooo many upcoming activities and field trips that it was almost overwhelming. Some of the trips we plan to attend: Christmas hayride with caroling and ice cream shop in Rayne, ice skating at the Festival of Lights (and real snow!), and maybe homeschool tennis at Beaver park (not sure on that one though). Really, there is so much out there that we Moms have to be almost disciplined to say no and pick and choose from all of the great things offered to homeschoolers in this area.


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