New Rhythm

I feel like I haven't been on the computer in a week (maybe it's been 4 days that I have not sat for more than a few minutes here and there on this machine). Besides my husband taking this laptop with him to work, my main reason is because we have made some big changes in our family. For starters, we no longer send our kids to others homes for school and I stopped having kids come here on Wednesdays. All of this done so that we can hone in on creating order and discipline in our kids. Contrary to my personality, we have stuck to a strict schedule for 2 weeks. It looks something like this:
-reading (read aloud and one on one reading to me)
-1 hour quiet time in rooms
-play (or ballet or violin lesson)

Yes, we have actually stuck to it too! We usually are completely done with it all by 2 or 3pm. I haven't seen the effects of it yet in the kids, but I have noticed the effects on me. I'm very busy and in the house a lot. I see the need to schedule some afternoon or evening breaks for Mama very soon. Hopefully this rhythm will have positive effects on their behavior and once we have more order in the home we will begin to add outings here and there...I'd still like them to go to their Nan Nan's for math every now and then; and have kids over here randomly when we have a cool project to do. Of course I know that having a schedule isn't the cure for peace and order; I know that it's sooo much more. It's prayer, discipling, consistent training...all things that I need to have my kids with me daily in order to instill in them. I know we are off to the right start and are eager to hear from God regarding how he wants us to lead our family.


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