Holiday Break

It is absolutely soooo nice to be on break from school (I'll admit we're taking more than a couple of weeks off). This year has been a bit harder for me as so much of my time is spent on teaching the kids, so to be able to just sit and do nothing or work out or visit people or bake, well it's just thrilling. It's like being on vacation from a job so to speak. No, it is vacation from a job. And I know my kids are doubly excited. So far this season we've been Christmas caroling in Rayne, attended a church Christmas party, handed out Christmas ornaments to nursing home residents and visited with friends. This week we'll do our holiday baking and the twins will perform violin at Acadian Village. And I think we'll have to take off next week also...they have to have some time to play with all of their new toys, right?


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