Reading Time

I am trying to make reading fun for the kids. They aren't really into it yet. I'm wondering if all that advice "reading to your kids when they're young makes them love reading later" is really true....I'm still hoping it holds true being that they're still so young. In the mean time I'm giving them incentives. Last month we made a book list and once they read so many they got a small prize. A long time ago I saw something on Martha Stewart's website that I thought was a wonderful and fun way to keep track of books read. Follow this link to see the bookworm game. We're worming our way through the list right now. Once a week I check out lots of 1st readers from the library and let them pick out what they want to read to me.

We have also begun to the use the book Games for Reading by Peggy Kaye. She actually has one for creative writing and math as well. They really have some great ideas that make learning so much more fun. Canaan despises (a nicer word choice) penmanship, but he loves mazes. One of the games in the writing book was to make mazes. He sat at the table with pencil and paper for a very long time; whereas he's usually complaining to be done with it all. So I'm always on the search for some creative ideas to promote reading and writing.


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