Acadian Village

We had a lot of fun at Acadian Village this year for Christmas. The twins performed violin and lots of family and friends came out to watch them. In fact, they had so much fun with their violin friends backstage that they decided they want to continue violin; however, I recently discovered that they don't want to play violin, they just want to play with their violin friends. So as we enter into the New Year of 2011, Chap and I have decided to not continue violin; and I honestly feel like a huge weight was lifted from the 50 pound backpack that I already feel like I carry. Whatever we have to do to make our life easier and more simpler over here...I will miss their group class and the kids and our lovely teacher. She really does a great job teaching. But at this point in our lives, if they aren't self-motivated to learn violin it ain't happening! I have enough with motivating them to learn to read and write...amongst other things:)


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