Amazing Grace

I think I am finally getting the hang of it. Schooling your kids at home that is. It seems I am more at ease now and confident that we're okay where we are. That was a big hurdle for me to jump...that "unspoken" pressure to have them up to par with their age group. But I really don't care now! And it feels great!

I think that they are also used to our school routine which consists of:

Rug time= calendar, prayer, sight words, poetry, composer study, science (once/week), math manipulatives, fable narration, etc. (we don't do all of this everyday)

Table time=math workbook, phonics (Rod & Staff for Ruth and Spelling Workout for Canaan), reading and reading workbook (R&S), Language Lessons (once/week), penmanship

Snack & World History (Story of the World twice/week)

We like what we have now, and it's a nice flow. I think the consistency of the schedule really helps them. Now I do have to correct misbehavior right off the bat because they still, after many years, test me when I have them sit down to listen and be serious. Go figure. But all in all things are a lot better over here. Canaan is not as frustrated. If things get too hard for him I give him simpler work. I find he's a perfectionist and likes to be successful where as Ruth likes the challenge. So this is it for now. I do like changing things up a bit, so no telling how long this schedule or these books will last. There's something refreshing about being dynamic. Maybe it captures our attention and takes away from the monotony.


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