Not What's Expected

Well, I was so ramped up to begin our schooling again and really nothing of the sort happened over here. Monday found Mama sick, Tuesday found Canaan with his Grandfather making candles and Ruth at Courtney's school, Wednesday we actually sat down to work at the table only to experience a volcano eruption of sorts which I don't even want to relive through this post, Thursday found both of them schooling at Katy's so I could go to a "nursing home meeting" for Chap's Grandmother which actually turned into a surprise night in New Orleans for my birthday. And now half of us are sick with colds, but our attitudes are good and we are having fun juicing TONS of oranges, playing with Uncle Joe's dog (we're babysitting for a while), accepting the never ending mess that toddlers create the second you pick one mess up, and pretending to eat wooden hamburger & apple concoctions. I am really learning to sit and accept rather than become overwhelmed. As one friend put it this weekend "another lesson in reacting". So whatever next week holds I'll gladly receive and maybe we can get some math in there somewhere.

The picture above is unrelated. Just one Saturday afternoon with most of us on the couch while Canaan kept trying to take a picture of all of us with him (the photographer) in it. I was too lazy to figure out how to set the timer on the camera and he was having too much fun running back and forth to try to get in the pic. Kept him busy for a while.


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