I found myself longing for snow this morning. I guess that's something that us Southerners don't think about often. How nice would it be though to see a soft, quiet snow falling outside our window while we sit warm and cozy inside? Instead of snow today we had rain. And I had 5 kids inside the house. Well, after school and before the rain they went outside to build a clubhouse (top picture). They were having a blast! Then all of a sudden I hear screaming, like someone's hurt screaming; but it was only screaming cuz it's raining on us kind of screaming. So I let them stay outside in it. But something about that rain made me feel quite cozy and productive and serene. We read books, colored pictures, watched movies, did school work, played Legos and cooked yummy garlic mashed potatoes and salmon for dinner. And while we ate dinner we discussed living in Alaska and how great it'd be to catch and eat fresh salmon. Then we talked about all of the things we'd do in Alaska, like ski, sled, snow shoe, and I began to picture endless amounts of snow and endless amounts of time indoors and no fresh veggies from my garden in January and no going anywhere really. And I began to appreciate where I live, even if there is never snow but maybe every 5 or 10 years.


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