The toddler has made it to the table people. When it's time for school, she automatically gets her workbook (an old coloring book) and crayons and sits at the table without any direction. She imitates her older siblings, and hopefully she won't imitate their complaining. So the coloring lasts for maybe 5 minutes max and then she requests snack or a video. Which by the way, I am pleased to announce that she's graduated from Barney! I never thought I'd see the day. But the bad news is that she's now hooked on Dora the Explorer. I think this is all so funny since we don't have does she discover these characters? She sees them at the library. And unlike the first children of the family, I really don't care that she's hooked on them. They've taught her her nursery rhymes. Do you know how often I used to read nursery rhymes to the older kids? Enough to know all of them by heart. I think I've read them to Gracie twice. Poor, deprived youngest child.
Speaking of imitating the oldest children...she imitates them for chore time! I love it! She stares at their chore charts and pretends to read them and then brings me the bathroom trash cans. Oh, what a good child she is! Now, are all younger siblings like this? I don't know if this is the norm being that my first were twins. Whatever the case, I'm glad to have a little grace over here. Figuratively and literally.


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