Now this looks like a weird picture, but if only you had been there with me you would've melted in the sweetness. On a normal day the background noise in this house contains a lot of sibling quarrels which just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand like nails down a chalkboard. But this day was quite different. The kids were playing in their room in harmony! Oh, those moments that you wish you could bottle up and save forever. I overheard Canaan pretending he was Gracie's Dad and Ruth was the teacher. He would walk Grace back and forth down the hall (to and from school). I walked in on them with Grace in her wooden baby carriage covered in blankets (pic above). Apparently the walks down the hall were laborious so they began to push her in the carriage. While Grace was at "school" Canaan would head back to the living room and play piano. They invited me to their school performance which was held in the bathroom with the lights off (pitch black except for a plastic glow in the dark star). There they sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" at the top of their lungs. Really cute.


Toyin O. said…
That is so precious, what a cute story and picture:)
Natalie said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog with an encouraging comment! I just had to comment here. I nodded my head as I read your story. With so much sibling squabbling, I relish the quiet but even more, so appreciate these sweet moments between the kids :)

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