How in the world did I ever fit violin into our schedule? No wonder I had gone crazy. On top of so many other things (doctor's appointments, our company, helping family members, housework, etc.) our schooling takes at least a couple of hours per day. The bulk of it is done in the morning and then reading takes place in the afternoon. Sometimes I'll read aloud to them, but mainly I have them each read a book to me to work on reading fluency; which by the way, they are getting better.

Currently they are working on subtraction, printing words, learning about Ancient Egypt, the Pilgrims in Plymouth, and the body in Science. They really complain about doing school, so I guess I need to add some fun games into learning time while working on compliance and obedience. My time is so consumed. I currently don't place school planning at the t0p of the priority list. I would like to have some quiet time one day to do so. Not going to happen right now though. I'll be gone the next 2 weekends, so I am thinking of taking off of school next week because I'm busy right now. I function so much better when I have time to breathe and the kids sense it too. A frazzled Mom doesn't make for content kids. And right now I feel a little frazzled. But it's an excited frazzled: a brother getting married this weekend and retreating with 4 close friends next weekend! And then of course their is some negative frazzled that life always likes to throw our way...hopefully to all clear itself up soon.


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