To make writing a little funner I thought I'd encourage the kids to enter a writing contest at the library. I don't have a competitive bone in my body, but they sure do. They have to submit either a poem, piece of fiction or non-fiction. I am assuming this can be a dictation...I'll have to check up on that. So this week we have been brain-storming ideas.
Another of Ruth's writing endeavors was making a list (all on her own while up in the tree house) of what we would do for "Girls' Weekend". The boys had a trip planned to Toledo Bend and while I really wanted to go with them, I couldn't let Ruthie down. She planned our entire weekend together, list and all! When I had returned from my women's retreat and found out they were going to TB, Chap told me that all she had talked about while I was gone was our "Girls' Weekend". Here's her list (and the translation):

Mic (McCallister's Deli)
Soieg (Sewing)
Mcnnackyor (Manicure)
pikcnickc (picnic)
shopeig. (shopping)

We did all except manicure and sewing. I was very happy she tried to write, but deep down inside I became very anxious thinking "I have to teach her how to spell! I don't know how to do that. How do I do that? They're so behind. Will they ever catch up? What am I doing?" And the thoughts kept coming until my husband looked at all we are doing and commented that we are doing enough and I am doing a good job. Phew!


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