Science and Art

I have had no desire to read blogs anymore. It just hit me one day, and I can't explain it. But I don't want to neglect posting in our blog as the kids love to publish it at the end of the year and read it. So here I blog on our new school projects:

On random Wednesdays a couple of friends come over and I teach Science and Art. Through LBC we are reading The Usborne First Guide to the Universe. Since I love Science I can't just read through this book without adding projects. This past week we studied the 4 layers of the Earth and then took play-dough and formed the earth (with it's layers). Afterwards we cut out a quarter of the earth to reveal the layers. They loved it.

Then in Art we read, from Discovering Great Artists, about Fr. Angelico who was a monk in the 1400's who painted biblical scenes and used gold leaf. The project used aluminum foil instead of silver leaf. The kids painted a picture on dark construction paper and then glued pieces of aluminum foil for highlights.


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