Moving On

The above picture is one of the reasons for the neglect of this blog. Within a few weeks we sold and bought a house. The process has consumed us to some extent. Gathering information for lenders, packing, fixing things in our home and marketing our home. Thank God we have an interested buyer and the process moved quickly because I was not handling the stress well. It is hard to maintain a museum like home with homeschooled youngsters at my feet. We should be moving in a week and this house is coming "undone". Boxes everywhere. Pictures off of the walls. I've teared up a couple of times because this was our first home as a family. The place where I had all of my babies. So many memories. But we are more than excited to be moving on. To more space! I have always wanted my kids to have more land to roam and the amount we will have is perfect for us at this point in our lives. Enough for big gardens, fruit trees, chickens yet not too big to maintain on our own. We will be quite busy transforming the place.

I am grateful for wonderful friends and family who have volunteered to help with the children while I pack and prepare for our move. We have returned to just the basics right now for schooling...math, phonics and grammar. I don't want to add more stress and schooling is a stress for me. And this is an exciting, fun time; so we've ditched most of the books and headed to the pool a few times. We will pick back up with the basics plus Spanish this summer whenever we are settled in our new home.


Rachel said…
Good luck in your new home :o)

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