Homestead 101

Me: "Chap, let's talk about our land...about homesteading."
Chap: "Homestead? I don't want to homestead."
Me: "Then why did we move to 2 acres?"
Chap: "Homesteading is a full time job. I don't have time for that."
Me: "The kids and I do."
Chap: "Well, then do it."

So with that intro I began to fully understand his vision for our land and my vision aren't quite the same. But what we did discuss and agree upon for fall:
-beginning our fruit orchard with blueberries, figs, & pomegranates
-creating a screen for privacy of bamboo and viburnums
-servicing our well

As far as animals, not sure if we'll ever have those. We do have 1 rabbit, had 3 kittens but 0 now, and he wants 4 turkeys, is open to a cow and bees...maybe some chickens.


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