New Land

We're just on the verge of cool weather and boy are we ready. The mosquitos are so bad outside that we stay indoors. The above picture was taken during Labor Day weekend during a tropical storm. We babysat all 5 Bunker kids. I tried to keep them all out of the elements and then finally gave in as the rain subsided. This is not a pond in our yard but water holding under a live oak tree. I can't wait for days spent outside, planting, creating. Enjoying fires. Enjoying our new land. Until then we'll finish painting indoors. School is actually going okay. We begin directly after chores and piano practice. Spelling, Math, Spanish and Penmanship. Grace is even learning Spanish! Reading takes place after lunch. Both kids are doing very well with it. We recently read The Trojan Horse as a read a loud. We're reading about Beethoven and Van Gogh this month. On Wed. we've been studying weather in Science using REAL Science curriculum (free 5 wk. sample). I prefer my own lessons though. Canaan has begun baseball with 2 games and 2 practices per week. Ruth began ballet and both kids are enjoying piano. They aren't into it as much as they were in the beginning, but I imagine once they learn how to read the notes they'll take off.


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