Summer Ending

Feels weird being September and we haven't formally started school. But our days are full of learning! The twins both have been planning parties by making invitations and party favors. We have been baking with Tasha Tudor's Cookbook...brownies and hot cross buns. Canaan has been obsessed with Lego Harry Potter, Lego Star Wars and Club Lego books. Grace has been pulling her new workbooks out every day and has completed almost all of them in just a few days. We enjoyed time with the Aillet's while they house sat at a farm. We swam in their pond and pool and the boys shot guns and rode four wheelers. They are playing piano a little less than in the beginning. Our days have been laid back and fun, mainly hanging out at home. Ruth is reading chapter books now! Little Bear's Visit, Mr. Putter and Tabby, Billy and Blaze. Grace is constantly listening to nursery rhymes on CD with book. Today the kids washed my car...with Mop n' Glo. We have been doing Math U' See daily. We started with alpha level and the kids are sailing through it. This is our last week of summer. We begin school next week. I am hoping to find the balance of learning from life and less from workbooks. Guess that's not balance then.


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