All Things Bright and Beautiful

I can't get this song out of my head...All Things Bright and Beautiful. It's what Ruth is working on in piano. She's also learning Amazing Grace. Canaan is learning Pony Express. I'm constantly telling him "Read the music!" He likes to play by ear. They are both enjoying piano with Mrs. Shelby, art with Marissa and baseball and ballet. Ruth's teacher called today and mentioned that she has wonderful technique and is a natural. I'm sure she said that to all the parents, but whatever, it sounds good to me. Canaan's games are late during the week night. It's 8:30pm and they still aren't back. The girls and I stayed home. Grace missed her nap because we went to the church to clean (Ruth is trying to earn $ for art class) and then walked Gram's and Papa's dog... of all children to remind me to do that was Gracie!

Despite the kids' rivalry, they are doing very good in their routine. Today we started school by 8:30 and were outside painting pumpkins by 11:30. Within that time we watered plants, had snack and cleaned the house along with their school work. Right now we are learning 1-20 in Spanish, adding by 9's in Math, using along with our spelling workbook, beginning cursive writing, and using The Complete Writer Level 1 for writing exercises. In Science we have met consistently with the Bunkers and have completed the Water Cycle.

Grace is keeping up in Spanish, knows most of her ABC's and their sounds and knows numbers 1-5 in order. She's wanting to write letters but of course isn't ready.


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