Homestead 102

12 beautiful blueberry bushes in the ground. What work it was to get them in the ground too! (We did it Chap style...painting 3' circles, tilling, raking out grass, adding peat moss, etc.) It felt good to work so hard and be so sore afterwards. We also planted a Japanese plum tree. The citrus are to follow, as well as Japanese magnolias. There's also a couple, shall we say a few, more plants waiting their turn to be sowed into the ground, along with a few packs of veggie seeds. Oh, and tons of bamboo sitting around our oak tree waiting patiently to fulfill their calling as a screen to the neighbors. Our prodigal rabbit made his way back into his habitat. A hammock has sprouted from the pergola. And the kids are climbing Mt. Burnpile out back, mainly their friends are climbing it despite my scolding.


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