Forgive me for lack of posting! I have gotten out of the habit and have had trouble with this website when it comes to uploading pictures. So to update, we are in the midst of Christmas decorating, Christmas parties and staying warm. The kids are reluctantly trudging along in school. We are almost done with addition and plan to start subtraction in January. They are already in Spelling Workout B. They are learning their cursive letters, which Canaan admits is challenging. We are all learning Spanish still. They have also begun Writing with Ease. I have been more focused on the time they spend on each subject lately, trying to give them a little more each day. Ruth is reading now on a 3rd grade level while Canaan is needing help on a 2nd grade level. We finished studying lights, mirrors and water in Science and will begin the Solar System next week. Tomorrow we will read about Thomas Edison for Science. We still have kids come on Wed. for that.


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