Potager Garden

Here's the beginning stages of our Potager Garden.  It's amazing what we've done in the short amount of  time we've lived here.  I have to keep telling myself that when I become impatient for the next stage.  I had this vision for this kitchen garden one day when walking to the old garden in the back of the land.  I envisioned four rectangular gardens with gravel pathways; herbs flowing over the borders; vines growing on the fences; a quiet sanctuary.  But on closer inspection of the land, especially after a good rain, we discovered that the best place for this garden would be closer to the house on higher ground and well within view of our pergola area.  While it's not exactly my ideal spot due to lack of privacy, I know that one day we will have a great screen around the garden that's close to the neighbor's house.

So here are the pics of the beginning stages of the garden.  Raised beds used with railway ties...didn't realize the Creosote problem until after we had put them in.  So after my panic attack and much research, we realized we're okay.  We lined them and discovered that much of the chemical is already leached out since they're old.  Also, Creosote isn't water soluble so the roots of the plants won't be absorbing it.   The next pic, is our fence made by a friend.  We used cypress wood and he cut each one...lots of work, but it is beautiful and sturdy...great for some vines.  The last pic is our fruit orchard.  We have blueberries and citrus.  Two of the berry varieties are producing right now and are so yummy.

I think these pics are from 2 months ago.  Will post more later of our progress.


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