Life Cycle

It's amazing all that one can notice just by slowing down.  I mean that literally.  It was raining on the way home last night, and we noticed hundreds of frogs jumping across the street.  Of course, I had to really slow down to observe this.  The kids were jumping out of the car before I could even get in the driveway, chasing frogs down.  Within a minute I turned to look at Canaan and he had several huge frogs in his hand.  I noticed what seemed to be like a baby animal writhing around in the grass.  Upon closer inspection, we discovered it was a pair of frogs mating.  Of course the kids picked up the mating pair  right away and they have made it into the ice chest habitat.  They are still stuck together today.  The male is on top and it's suppose to last up to a couple of days.  What better way to learn about the life cycle from inception!  If the eggs make it, I'll be documenting the entire process.  Now that's real school!


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