Spring Piano Recital

The twins had their 2nd piano performance this year with Mrs. Shelby.  Canaan played "Jack and the Beanstalk" and a duet with Ezra, "Farmer and the Boogie".  Ruth played "Little Princess of the Garden" and a duet with Adeline, "Chopsticks".  She also sang "America, the Beautiful".  I was a bit nervous for them and later Ruth told me "Mom, my hands were shaking!"  I was so proud of them though.  And so pleased with Mrs. Shelby's efforts.  She gave each of them a trophy.  Ruth's was for "Songstress" and Canaan's for "Memorization".  Ruth also won 3rd place for most recorded minutes practicing. I'm so pleased with our piano teacher.  She really gives 100%.  I hope the kids remain with her for a long time.  Now that summer is here, I don't hear the piano much from the twins, just from Peyt and Grace.


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