Our 1st Anniversary

 Memorial weekend marks the weekend we moved into our home in Duson.  I captured all of our "development" in pictures.  Most of it was done outside.  Indoors we removed all wallpaper and painted the living room, dining room and kitchen.  It's been a great year here on our 2 acres.

      The first project was cleaning up beds around the pergola and placing pavestone from our french doors
      in our bedroom to the pergola area.

Matt had to widen the workshop doors to fit the riding lawn  mower.
He then painted them red.  We like red doors.  

We added a fence  between our neighbor's house.  They paid for half and were planning on doing it.  We even sealed the cedar wood.  Makes for nice privacy as we'd often see them sitting on their porch eating or relaxing.  I do miss seeing them as often though.
 Our workshop was pretty much gutted by EdenScapes guys and Matt cleaned it out, painted the floor and organized it.  Amazing difference!
In October we planted blueberries, citrus and bamboo for a privacy screen.  We're actually eating blueberries now.  The bamboo was planted in a drainage swell so will probably have to be moved.
Our biggest addition is our cypress fence and 4 raised garden beds.  I never would have imagined we'd have it so quickly, but Matt worked here for 3 weeks and completed it.  I still have big plans for it, but for now it is exactly what we need in getting home-grown veggies on our plates.
A fountain we bought and installed in the pergola area
 Memorial weekend was spent building this chicken coop.  Not sure how many chickens we'll get or where exactly we'll put them, but this will hold them for the nights.  Nesting boxes are to go on the right side.   We're still not done.  Was proud of Chap for using the materials on our property.
Our rabbit habitat.  He eventually got out and never returned.
Chap wants another rabbit, so it's remained up.

This is where the former garden was.  It was recently bush-hogged.  We plan to build up dirt and make it into a garden for melons, corn and bigger plants.
The kids attempted a tree house in the live oak out back.  Didn't get too far and don't really play in it.  Water stayed under the tree all winter.  We plan to hire some arborists to clean up the branches...hopefully this year.


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