Christmas 2012

One day I'll catch up on blog posts.  If I didn't have 3 different cameras to upload from and this blog site didn't take hours to upload, I'd have more.  Anyway, our Christmas was great.  I'll try to recap it.  We spent Xmas eve at the Rice's and Xmas day in Breaux Bridge.  What'd everyone get?
Peyt:  Xbox game, Batman Converse, Tolkien books, Axe from Canaan
Mom:  canner, a bow (like bow and arrow bow), pizza stone, kitchen scale, Smartwool socks (can never have enough of those)
Dad:  phone dock, LandsEnd shirts and socks, Cds
Canaan: Lego Starwars, bow and arrow, Sea Monkeys, all 3 got Dream Lites, microscope, Axe from peyt
Ruth:  pink robe, slippers, shiny clothes, black sequins hitops from boys, craft stuff, God's eye from canaan (see the excited look in her eyes in pic?  he got a hug from that one), hoola hoop
Grace:  princess plate set, princess purse, lots of chapstick stuff, shiny clothes from Ms. Jill, stuff for doll house


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