New Year 2013

The new year started off with lots of coughing...oh, the cough drops we consumed between the 6 of us!  Luckily we never had fevers or the flu.  After a couple of weeks off from school we resumed again with a little more laid back setting.  Instead of our schedule I let them chose things they were interested in.  Ruth began listing books she'd read in a journal and writing occasional reviews for Grace to one day read.  Her handwritten journal has unfortunately been replaced with the 100 Book Club online with the library (I like her writing).  She is writing more but still having trouble with spelling.  They're writing paragraphs now but need lots of help with capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and order.  Canaan didn't seem to thrive on the easy-going approach of schooling.  I'd give him choices, such as "write about your Lego creation and submit it in the contest" or "write about The Hobbit" (which he's completely consumed with currently).  He wouldn't go for any of it.  They did like when we changed the schedule and began with prayer and bible story.  So this week we returned to our old schedule and it went well.  We even added prayer in the midst of it.  Canaan had a rocky start with spelling but did so well for writing.  Now math is another story for all of us!  They're adding multiple digits (big ones).
Grace has learned all of her letters and sounds and is reading simple BOB books.  She's consumed with coloring, Barbies, dollhouse and the rope swing outside.
Peyton has brought his grades up as we dangled the big carrot (XBox) in front of him.  His grades have gone up significantly and amazingly without the medicine that he forgets to take each morning.  Very proud of him. His Mom seems to be doing well also which I'm sure has a huge effect on him also.


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