2013 Garden

I spend time in my garden daily.  I love it.  Finished putting soil in the inside side beds.  I've planted potatoes (which are coming up), basil seed, beets, more lettuce, more carrots, cilantro seed and chamomile seed.  We still have kale (found good raw salad recipe and kale pesto), broccoli, strawberries are starting, turnips (been making turnip souffle), spinach.  I want to plant more herbs for teas.  Today I picked lavender flowers.  We pulled out the older carrots today.  I'd like to start everything from seed eventually.  The Gary's are suppose to come over for dinner tomorrow night (Chap pulled his back so they might not come).  I plan to make all sides from my garden veggies.
Chap wants more of our food to come from the land.  Blueberries will be here soon.  The citrus isn't growing.  We are getting lots of eggs.  Courtney gave us some raw milk, so we've been making milk tonics using raw yolks.  They are good.  Ruth makes them.  We plan on getting sheep this year.  I'd like to make the chicken yard into another garden to do melons and corn.


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