Weekend Getaway at Cotile Lake

If Toledo Bend were a person she'd be jealous of all our time spent at the Lambert's camp at Cotile Lake.  It's just so much quicker to this camp.  They recently bought the camp next door and renovated it.  It's very nice.  The upstairs is one huge room with 6 beds, some of which are queens!  This visit we had our fire by the lake of course.  We hiked the Caroline Dorman trail (30 min. drive).  We hiked for 4 miles and the kids did very well!  It wasn't a very pretty hike...not much to see except a few boulders and creeks.  The kids were so excited to have a paddle boat.  The rest of our trip was rain, so we played pool next door and grilled under the patio.  They had cable TV, so we watched a lot of House Hunters and some show called Love It or List It.  We ate a lot of junk food.  It didn't take me long to wish I had bought more fresh fruits.  The top pic is Grace in her new swimsuit.  They came in the mail the morning we left, and the girls wore them all weekend...never mind that it was very cool.


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