These days this 8 year old is into blowing glass with Dad, reading Magic School Bus books, collecting rocks and minerals, doing science experiments and caring for chickens.  I'm slowly discovering the recipe for a "good" boy.  A little bit of hugs, a dash of smiles, heaps of admonishments topped with lots of kisses.  Trying to get 'em while I can!  When I'm calm, happy and pleased I find he does a whole lot better than when I'm nagging, scolding and fuming.  By the grace of God can I attempt to do this.  While he likes to pick, he's overall a serious child always thinking ahead and paying attention to detail.  A typical day in the life of Canaan right now?  I'll take you through his day today:  I woke up to him and the others watching a movie upon his initiation (never mind that it's not video day!).  He completed his chores having some difficulty focusing.  He practiced piano.  Then on to school.  He did really well until I had him write vocabulary words about coral reefs.  Then there was math.  Oh, math how you're despised over here.  Multiple digit subtraction with carrying.  You'd think I was torturing them!  He completed his star chore chart, so he received $ and chose to go to the coin store.  His afternoon was helping Grace make a garden for "kids only", followed by a science experiment.  He's weaseled his way into staying up later than 8.  "Mom, I am getting older and really need a later bed time."  I think he could fall asleep at 8, but I'll give him some reading time in bed to unwind.  He's growing like a weed.


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