Grace's Bday

Our baby is 5!!  I can't believe it.  We celebrated on her actual bday at Thomas Park.  Mrs. Jill came and did face painting.   On Sunday we had a few families come over.  Grace was so excited about this birthday.  I think she asked me everyday for months "How many more days 'til my b'day?"  She got a ballerina barbie, Calico Critters, ballet DVD and sticker books.  It's very bittersweet, this bday of hers.  She's becoming much more independent yet still needs me to help put on her ballet tights.  Her cheeks are still fat, enough for me to eat up!  Her speech is still that of a toddler.  But at the same time, she can make her own lunch, do her  own chores without reminders, and complete school work on her own.  Yesterday she told me that she wants to go to Kindergarten next year.  I do believe she'd transition away from us with no problem at all!  After I brought the twins to school today, she sat quietly and sadly in the van.  When I asked what was wrong she said "I want to go with them to school."  Later I found her in her room rocking in her little chair and staring at the bookshelf.  "What are you doing Grace?"  "I'm just playing."  I had a tinge of guilt and sadness that she was alone, but at the same time relieved that she can play alone so well.  I embrace it as I know soon she'll really want to be with other kids.  


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