We have some new additions around here.  I just bought a couple of laying hens and are borrowing our friend's broody hen.  I put her in the rabbit cage and gave her 8 Barred Rock eggs to sit on, so hopefully we'll have some chicks come April 23rd.  We have 2 rabbits in a hutch the Vickery's gave us.  And we're about to get 2 sheep very soon.  Our garden is somewhat between seasons.  We have lettuce, kale and carrots to harvest.  Beets are about ready.  Waiting on potatoes, garlic and onion.  This is my last try with strawberries (slugs eat them).  I'm starting to get some green tomatoes.  We have beds on the inside and outside of the fence now.  I planted our peppers too early and the froze, so I just replaced them last week.  I planted lots of wildflowers by seed, as well as lemongrass, herbs, an althea and iris and lillies.  Our blueberries are almost ready too.  I love being out here still.  I do miss being able to walk the neighborhood though.  It's important for us to raise our own food, teach our kids work ethic and enjoy nature.  I thank God He's given us a place to do that.


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