Have I posted about our rabbits?  I'm so slacking on the blogging job that I really can't remember.  In case I didn't, we received rabbits from one of Chap's employees this winter.  They are the cutest things ever.  The first month we brought them inside all of the time and played with them.  As spring encroached upon us and I found myself in the garden more and with the other animals, the rabbits moved down on the priority list.  We think they are males.  The kids are really bad about agreeing on animal names.  All of our animals have at least two names.  So the black one is Alexander or Tommy, and the white one is Georgia.  But now that we think it's a boy, Canaan has come up with another name which I can't remember.  The Vickery's gave us their old rabbit hutch.  We fixed it up a little and it is a rabbit mansion.  We give them fresh greens daily.  The black one always lets me pet it, but his brother is very skittish.  I think I held the black one more as a baby.  They are Rex rabbits and are suppose to remain small.


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