Grace has been playing with dollhouse furniture, Calico Critters and other miniature pieces lately.  It's really cute.  Sometimes there's stuff sprawled all over the floor and other times they actually use the doll house.  Grace really entertains herself well when we're home.  She often colors, plays with magnet dolls or looks at books.  I don't really do school with her but she does occasionally completes Explode the Code workbooks.  She's learning to read 3 letter words and write her numbers and letters.  She loves to play on Starfall and a spelling program we bought recently.  Sometimes she goes with the twins to Courtney's school, but I don't think she likes it because she has to take naps.  I love having her with me those days.  Our routine is to go to Red's, Target and then home.  She's enjoying ballet immensely.  She'll be a lamb in her recital this summer.


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