How does your garden grow?

The time I spend in this garden!  Weeding, pruning, watering, harvesting.  How amazing to grow our own food and enjoy it at the table together.  Right now we have tons of tomatoes.  Just starting to see the stink bugs.  We have squash planted (something odd growing on them), cucumbers, sweet potatoes, green beans, tons of peppers (canning tomorrow), garlic and onions hanging in the workshop, and lots of strawberries.  Yesterday we dehydrated onions and blended them to make onion powder.  It was super easy to do.  The blueberries are ripening.  Grace heads outside every morning with a bucket to collect them for her breakfast, and just like last year, she returns with a handful and a full belly.  We do spend a lot of time outside working on our homestead.  I'm really feeling the need for a break but at the same time I'm inspired to keep on going, creating and sharing.  My vision for the future is melons, corn, artichokes, asparagus (have them, just need to plant them) and a couple of other fruit trees.  Maybe even a pecan tree.  I do want to get better at preserving  so that we can enjoy some of the food out of season.  Last of the carrots to come out soon and that's the end of winter here!


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