Our Animals

Bad pictures.  But I wanted to include what animals we have here this spring 2013.  I use 3 different cameras plus my phone for pictures which really makes it hard to upload and find the pics I want to post.  I don't know why I use 4 different sources...guess I grab what is nearby.  Anyway, this spring we have 6 new chicks (2 didn't make it).  They must be a few weeks right now and seem to be fairing well.  They're currently in the turtle habitat.  But when it rains we have to move them because that area floods.  The Mama hen is really a good broody hen.  Our plan is to convert an old camper top my Dad gave us into a chicken tractor...very soon.  We have another broody hen, but she doesn't set well.
We also have 2 Black belly sheep we're raising for meat.  Although they escaped a few times (hole in back of fence), try to eat all of the chicken feed (it's toxic for them), and Baaaa at the gate for feed, they're really cute animals.  They constantly run up to me looking for food which makes me paranoid we don't have enough grass.  I'm always like that when it comes to food and creatures that I have to feed.
The chickens are doing well.  We have 11 hens and 1 rooster.  One hen died recently.  We think she was egg bound.  After researching we tried boiling water under a cage for 1 hour.  Didn't work.  Anyway, we are getting a good amount of eggs, except when snakes steal them which seems like often this season.  We're selling eggs to a few different families.
Our rabbits are doing well.  We're getting a female to try breeding.  Found a cage on the side of the road. That always comes in handy.
Turtles are out.  Canaan's having fun catching them, but we make him turn them lose after a few days.


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