Pesto Time


Pesto time again!  We had 2 Aillet kids helping us a little today (Mom in NY).  For the amount of time and effort it took to make it, Chap highly recommended we raise the price from $5.  We'll see...I put 10 cubes in a bag which is a little less that last year so maybe that makes it worth it.
Our summer's in full swing.  I feel like everyday is either Friday or Saturday.  Nice.  We've been swimming a couple of times per week.  The girls have their recital next week.  Canaan attended golf/tennis camp last week at Oakbourne with Ryan.  He really liked that.  Peyton has been working and had driver's ed and band camp last week.  He'll have 2 more weeks of camp in July.  We don't have vacation plans.  I'm sure we'll end up at Toledo Bend.   Chap and I have talked about trying to go somewhere just the two of us in August.  Like somewhere far!!!!                  
We're pretty much done with school.  The twins finished Beta Math a month ago and now they're learning multiplication.  We're almost done with our Writing curriculum (1 month left).  I have Ruth completing a reading comp guide for the book The Courage of Sarah Noble.  We really  need to focus on spelling and writing.  Paige plans to have a little writing workshop in July, so we'll attend that.  We will continue to do a little school the mornings we're home this summer.  We are too far behind to take off completely!


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