Easter Program

In April, Canaan participated with all of the third graders in WCA's Easter program.  They memorized a lot of scripture and sang many songs.  Quite impressive.  Below is a picture of his teacher, Mrs. Pontiff.  He absolutely loved her.  I was a little nervous when she was gone 6 weeks for jury duty, but he liked the sub, Mrs. Brashears.  Mrs. Pontiff went out of her way to make sure we were all at ease, texting and emailing me, meeting with him after school until he was comfortable and caught up, always encouraging him.  We will miss her next year!  While he loves his school, he is sad Parker won't be there next year.  We prayed for a good friend and one day he came home and said, "Mom, God answered your prayers."  He handed me a little piece of paper and on it was written 'Am I your best friend?  Circle: Yes or No'  The yes was circled and from then on out all he talked about was Parker.  Canaan ends 3rd grade with relief.  He wants to be homeschooled again, but he will return for 4th grade there.


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