Grace turns 6

Grace.  Her personality has, what's the word?  Developed.  She is tenacious, persistent and a talker.  Never mind that Samantha means 'listener'.  She turned 6 this year.  We celebrated her birthday at the Kart Ranch. She did ask to travel out of state to go to an amusement park...Kart Ranch was as close as it was going to get.  Her main interests:  Frozen.  Frozen songs, music and the dolls.  She still plays with Calico Critters and Barbies and creates little rooms for them with her doll house furniture.  I posted the pic of her hair because she did get lice this year and I cut it all off.  Sad.  But happy I don't have to comb the knots out anymore! She played piano for the first time this year and she did incredible, racing through the book.  Even though the season is over, she still practices every day.  She still loves ballet, playing with Evi and gardening.  She's quick to help Chap plant flowers or work in the beds, often changing into her EdenScapes shirt.  She asks to watch a video daily.  Yuck.  She's really into Dr. Seuss right now and is enjoying reading about Gerald and Piggie in Mo Williams books.  She still likes to color and play Chutes and Ladders.  She beats all of us at Memory.  She loves her puppy and is obsessed with the kittens Hazel just had.  "I want to make a toy habitat and go to Petsmart to buy them toys."  She's falling asleep at 7:30 these days and up by 6 or 7.  She loves cuddling still and will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and get in bed with us, six years later.


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