Animals 2014

This spring we have 2 rams, 11 hens, 1 rooster, still 2 rabbits, Maple and Alfred.  Oh, and our cat, Hazel, just had 4 kittens.  Grace constantly goes out to the shop to see them.  The rams are starting to "ram" into each other.  It's really loud!  We're getting around 10 eggs a day and are selling to two people.  The kids made a turtle habitat and have been catching turtles.  We even got to witness a red ear slider laying eggs in our garden one morning.  A sad story took place one morning in the midst of our schooling.  The girls were catching turtles and Grace saw a baby bird that had fallen from it's nest. The parents were frantic around it.  We followed it around and the parents kept diving towards me.  When I turned around, the cat had it in its mouth.   The girls drew pictures and narrated it.


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