A big trip for the Gary's!  Riviera Maya, Mexico June 20214.  We rode 3 planes to get there stopping in New Orleans, Atlanta, Mexico City and Cancun.  Then we rented a van and drove 60 miles south to the Hard Rock resort.  It was a very nice resort.  We ate like kings for each meal.  Some side trips we went on were:  Mayan ruins at Tulum, snorkeling at Akumal, shopping in Playa del Carmen, cave snorkeling at Dos Ojos cenote.  Plus swimming everyday and snorkeling at our resort.
Our favorites:
Mom- drinking Pina Coladas on the beach; Akumal; not having to cook; coral reefs; view from plane
Dad- not having to answer work calls, snorkeling
Peyton- Sea turtles; the food; Takis; volleyball
Ruth- Monkey in Playa del Carmen; snorkeling at the caves
Canaan- "the servants waiting on us; monkey on my head; spending time with family"
Grace-"going to Hard Rock; magic guy in New Orleans; the last airplane ride when they had the tablets on the chairs; the caves"


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