Back in Business


I've neglected our blog for some time.  I regret to say for over a year.  And that last year shouldn't even count because I crammed several pictures at a time to complete our blog book of the year.  Of course I have great reasons.  Somehow the transition from camera (old school) to cel phone camera took a lot longer for me to grasp.  And so our pictures floated between lap tops, some here and some there.   Just a big mess.  And that mess was too overwhelming to figure out.

The pictures above are our collection of life, several hundred blog posts made into books.  Books printed out once a year.  Much like the seldom seen photo albums of my younger years.  But these blog books are more than pictures.  They also chronicle in words the events of our Golden years with our sweet children.  My family loves to take these books down and read them.  My husband loves that we have these and has requested, and this man doesn't ask for much mind you, that I continue to blog our memories.  And this makes sense, right?  We live in such a virtual world now that we don't longingly hold something in our hands, flip through pages and recall fond memories.  Facebook now sends us a picture here and there of something we posted years ago to the day, but it lacks the events of what led to that picture or statement.

Being that the kids are older now and I'm in a very different season of life, it's my goal to expand the content of my writing beyond the borders of my family.  There is so much God has shown me and is showing me that I want to share it.  It's too long for Facebook posts and sometimes it cannot wait for the next ladies' event at church; so why not here?   I hope that what I share encourages and challenges those out there reading it.  I hope that my family can glorify God, however that looks!


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